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Type Awesome April 14, 2012

Posted by laosita in diabetes.

As a newbie pumper, I’ve been experimenting with different site locations. (Important lesson- do not try to place an infusion set somewhere that you wouldn’t give a normal shot). I’ve taken a liking to placing the infusion set in my upper arm. I like the different location and it causes no problem in cooler weather, but is slightly more problematic in warmer weather. Without sleeves, the site is often the victim of door frames, driver seats, sports bras, and stares. Yep- people stare. Some ask questions, opening a dialogue for some good old fashioned education. Or smart-ass responses.

Lady I’ve known for about an hour: Oh no, what is that on your arm?

Me: Huh? Oh, that’s just an infusion set for my insulin pump.

Lady: Oh, you’re diabetic?

Me: Yep. [Or, the in-my-head version: No, I just like sticking expensive crap on my body to see how long it will stay on for].

Lady: Oh. I wouldn’t have guessed, you don’t look diabetic.

My super speedy witty friend: What did you think she’d have a big D on her forehead? I’m prediabetic, do I get a big PD?

That’s right, Type Awesome. You Rock.


1. Jess (@JessMeandD) - April 15, 2012

i love this! 🙂

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