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Somebody Thinks I’m Boring! April 25, 2012

Posted by laosita in diabetes.

I recently recruited a friend to assist with a lower back DexCom sensor site (I previously discovered that I cannot find this site on my own- in a mirror lower back looks suspiciously like side butt, but that is another story). To a functioning pancreas owner and a first-sensor-insertion recruit, I imagine the required paraphernalia is overwhelming: SkinTac, scissors, TegaDerm, alcohol swabs, sensor, transmitter, huge needle sticker-inner…and an instruction book. Naturally, all this become a curiosity to said recruit’s children. We picked out the site location and unwrapped everything that could be unwrapped. Verified site location. So far so good- first alcohol swab. Verified site location (no really- it will still work if you are off by an inch). First TegaDerm swipe. Then I hear, “Ok, this is boring now,” as the recruit’s young son leaves the room.

What?? Boring!! This is boring! At first I was slightly offended, I mean who doesn’t think that new diabetes gadgets are the coolest thing ever? Definitely not pancreas-functioning kiddos…

But then I thought, Boring. All of this extra crap, yet to a young boy, this lady is still – boring. Does that make me somewhat normal? Kim over at TextingMyPancreas, wrote a magnificent post on how hard we must try to get ‘no’ results. Boring diabetes is near impossible, but if, for one split second, the extra effort required to keep me healthy is boring in some one else’s eyes; I’ll take it.

I’ll take it because I don’t expect others to understand that this disease demands my thoughts 24/7, in everything I do. I’ll take it because I would rather be boring than in an ambulance. I’ll take it because boring lets me blend in, if only for a minute. I’ll take it because the expectation of not being boring originally led to questions, conversations, and education. I am proud of my diabetes and the effort I put into keeping myself healthy; I am proud of my friends for embracing all parts of me, but being boring is an unexpected comfort to hear.



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