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Three Months in Two Weeks May 29, 2012

Posted by laosita in diabetes.

When it comes down to it, my life is on the line- shouldn’t I feel more accountable? @sixuntilme tweeted during a recent DSMA chat, After an endo appointment, I feel empty. Regardless as to our own reasons, I agree without a doubt. Empty.

I feel empty because three months of work, three months of my life, three months of effort, three months of mistakes, are summed into one weight number, one A1C value, one printout of Dex lines over the last sensor life, one pump printout, and one meter printout.Endo Appt Paperwork

Sometimes it feels like everything paid off. Sometimes I leave the office feeling proud, other times in tears. But almost always Empty. Empty, but motivated. Empty, but with a mental action plan to eat right, exercise, sleep, count carbs, research pump setting suggestions. Yet often times two and a half months fly by and I find myself thinking, well shit, I have a lot to do in two weeks.

I know I shouldn’t eat before bed.
I know to count carbs and bolus appropriately.
I know I shouldn’t snack.
I know that no matter how low I am, a mango without insulin is a bad idea.
I know that the Sprouts peanut butter & chocolate trail mix requires some serious combo-bolus knowledge.
I know to wait half-hour between insulin and coffee in the morning.
I know I should have acted on these actions two and half months ago.

And the list goes on. Sometimes remembering the list is like reciting the alphabet; other times it is alphabet soup without a spoon. These are all things I ought to be thinking about 365 days a year- how do you stay motivated to remember your I know list?



1. Scott E - May 30, 2012

It’s tough. After my last endo visit (and the one before that), I vowed to do better. And for the next week or two, I did phenomenally. I also generally do pretty good for the couple of days before an A1c blood draw. But that time in between… well… it’s tough.

laosita - May 30, 2012

Yes! The couple weeks following are often awesome, but I can’t make it last for a whole three months. Some goofy excuse seems to always come up, and I think, this excuse isn’t valid for the next appointment so after that I’ll be on track. But it’s always something…

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