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Download Chaos June 20, 2012

Posted by laosita in diabetes.
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I had solid intentions to be a proactive diabetes patient. I’ve set temp basal rates around the same time of day almost every day for a couple weeks now, so I figured I need to change my regular basal rate. But, I figured I should download my pump and CGM to verify the trends before making any big changes. Several weeks later, I actually got to plugging all that crap into my computer to download the info.

I first downloaded my pump, thinking I could find a graph with temp basals, basals, and boluses. Nope (That could definitely be user error- I’m still new to the whole pump thing. It’s hard to download a syringe.). And I got frustrated real quick. I knew exactly the graph I wanted to see, and what I wanted to compare, but couldn’t find it quickly or easily.

So I switched gears to download my CGM. I am more familiar with that program, but that still left the missing information of actual basal rates. Which is kind of an important part if that’s what you are trying to fix. Instead of a single chart with a few pieces of specific information, I have all this data, data reminding me of my broken parts 24/7. Sometimes the data reflects how I feel, sometimes how I feel reflects the data. It is all there- every five minutes or every push of a button. Yet when I try to make sense of all this information, and even with an end goal in mind, I am easily frustrated with all the graphs, numbers, trends that give me an idea of what I’m looking for, but not exactly it. And I’m someone who has always enjoyed research and analyzing reports! A few printouts, a bizallion different data views, good old pencil and paper, and one beer later, I found my new basal rate setup. But that process should not have added to my lack of motivation to download my devices more often.*

Do you have a schedule for downloading your devices? Or a routine for what views you look at each time?

* I love my endo and I have good nurses. But for this case, figuring out the fax machine at work and playing phone tag with the endo’s office didn’t seem crucial.



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