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Luckily Surrounded. July 11, 2012

Posted by laosita in diabetes.
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An unexpected reminder gently slapped me in the face this past week during the CWD Friends for Life 2012 event. I listened to others, and contemplated. Yeah, diabetes sucks. But you deal; you have to. [Side note: Not as easy as it sounds]. Sometimes on my own or with the DOC, but almost always with contributions from the people with whom I surround myself. I was reminded that I am lucky. Lucky to have a phenomenal support crew, regardless as to if that’s what they meant to be. For example…

  • Type Awesome Friend: Fastest across the street juice retrieval from Soda La Fuente that I have ever seen. Granted, I was low, but I might have seen a streak as he ran out the door.
  • Type Awesome Ex: Conquered the middle of the night, I’m-going-to-test-you-because-Dex-is-beeping-so-stick-your-finger-out-from-under-the-covers action.
  • ER Doctor: After testing for keytones, informed me that, “You have keytones. But not diabetic keytones.” Sweet. And we moved on.
  • Endo: When looking at my Dex graph, points at some ups and downs and says, “These are fine.” No asking what I ate, no asking exactly what I did two weeks ago at 3:02 pm.
  • Eye Doctor: After an appointment says, “Keep up the good work, I know it’s hard.” I left the office in tears.
  • Type Awesome Coworker: Unknowingly got sucked into DOC tweets, saw this:
    and tweeted back, “m&ms and jolly ranchers in my desk if you need.”
  • Type Awesome Sister: As a youngster, knew to get orange juice for a low. In a foreign country. After I’d passed out. She laughed.
  • Type Awesome Camping Friend: Noticed I was high for the whole camping trip, and asked the dreaded ‘Should you really be eating that?’ when I reached for another chocolate piece. Well, no. I shouldn’t. In that case, I needed someone to call me out.
  • Type Awesome Relative: Came to me holding his arms straight out, huge hands cupped. Holding Dex like a baby bird. “It was beeping, I don’t know what it wants.”

None of these people get it like the DOC might; but they come damn close. Do you find that your in-person support crew changes how often you look to, or how much you rely on the DOC or other online communities?



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