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The Power of One August 8, 2012

Posted by laosita in diabetes.

One blog comment.
One photo with glasses and a pump.
One listening ear.
One tweet response.

One action counts.

It doesn’t matter how big or small, or how many people are affected. One action counts.

I’ve heard this who knows how many times, but the idea finally resonated last month. I am someone who, if I want you, your time, and want to be the best that I could possibly be for you and the goals I think you have set for me, will strive to be the best at anything I do in an attempt to please you. Any action completed in a less than average way, or that someone else in your life did better, counts as a personal failure. Those failures affect me personally and to varying degrees. Until now.

As most of the DOC knows, Sara and Kim put together a video to help out a diabetic chickadee. I don’t like pictures and I am a harsh critic on my body; but with zero hesitation I jumped at the opportunity and sent a photo. Because it mattered. I might not know this person and she doesn’t know me, but we are both dealing with stuff that sucks. I can take one small action so that she knows she can do this. This video collaboration and the July DSMA Blog topic reminded me that failing to be the best, 100% of the time, for everyone I want in my life, is okay. The actions that I can do are more important.

Numerous people in the DOC spend a lot of time helping other people, even when they are struggling within themselves. I write this post as a reminder to myself, but also a reminder to you- that you make a difference. No matter how small you think your action was, if it helped one person in any single way at any single time, you succeeded. Don’t forget it.


1. StephenS - August 9, 2012

La Osita… love the post! So true. Thanks. Keep telling your story. It does make a difference.

laosita - August 9, 2012

Thanks Stephen! It makes a difference to know people are reading 🙂

2. Karen - August 9, 2012

This is awesome and absolutely true, and something I think we all need a reminder of sometimes. (I know I sure do.) I find myself always feeling like I’m not doing enough and that I should find ways to do more. And while that’s not a bad thing, thank you for reminding me that every little bit counts. You have absolutely helped me feel better today, and for that, I thank you!!

laosita - August 9, 2012

Thanks Karen. It’s hard when it feels like there is always more to be done, for a group or for an individual. Especially then you have to remember that whatever you’ve done already made a difference. I think you help more than you know- like hanging out with Tandem candles 🙂

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