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25, 48, 54 August 22, 2012

Posted by laosita in diabetes.

25, 48, 54. About 98% of the time, those particular blood glucose values are not especially thrilling (based on an unofficial 24 yr-old study of one, YDMV). I’m discovering that when exercise requires extra focus, I apparently have no low awareness during the activity.

25. Tested a minute after returning from a solo half-hour trail run on unfamiliar trails. I was visiting my awesome aunt and uncle, my uncle happens to be a doctor. He peered over my shoulder while I tested, and when we both saw 25, he responded with, how the hell are you still standing right now? Fuck if I know, but yes I’ll help myself to my aunt’s awesome cookies after a gallon of juice.

48. About an hour and a half into a new mountain bike trail, riding on my own. I happened to pull over and test because Dex had been off recently and I know my numbers affect my riding performance. This low didn’t register even after I tested.

54. Five minutes after an adrenaline-filled mountain bike race. Again, Dex had been off and I was preparing to drive home. I felt fine during the race and expected a high because I’d carbed up before hand and got hit with adrenaline at the race start.

Driving, working, sleeping, on the elliptical I would have noticed these lows. I’m not sure what gives, if my internal self is too busy dealing with stresses brought by the wild outdoors and just trying to get me home in one piece, but an unnerving number of times these low lows have snuck themselves into my outdoor workouts. Do any of you have a specific activity that seems to shield the low feeling, but not the low?


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