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WEGO’s National Health Blog Month 2012: Day 1! November 1, 2012

Posted by laosita in diabetes.

I’m giving WEGO’s NaBloPoMo Health blog carnival (a health-related post every day this month) a shot! Easing in with bullet points…

Today’s Topic: Why I Write About My Health

  • I write about my health because I am unique. But not so unique that I don’t believe other people never have similar experiences to mine.
  • I write because diabetes sucks. The people I have met because of diabetes do not suck. In fact, they rock. The blogs I have read from these people have changed my day, maybe not every day, but at least one day. If I can do that for one person- well then, goal met and exceeded.
  • I write for me. I feel more complete after writing. While my blog is not a personal journal, it holds my stories, my emotions, my thoughts. Getting to share that with multiple people is scary as hell, but pretty sweet.
  • When some of those people relate, that’s even cooler.
  • When some of those people learn new something about me or about diabetes; that’s awesome.


1. Roxanne Jesus - November 15, 2012

Great info and well written. Keep up the great stuff!

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