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Day 2: The Weirdest Thing… November 2, 2012

Posted by laosita in diabetes.

Today’s #NHBPM Topic: Write about the weirdest thing about your health.

I’m sure diabetes has plenty of medically weird things that I could research and share, but my weird post goes a different direction…

I’m not sure if a ‘normal’, non-weird part about diabetes, or about having diabetes, exists. When you think about what your body does, and about what you must do to make-up for that- it’s all a little goofy. And alienating. And that’s what strikes me as weird when I really think about it. How alienating this disease can make you, yet how nondiscouraging, or unimportant that is to people. The CGM system requires one cell-phoned size unattached part, and one USB-ish size part that gets stuck onto me somewhere. The pump requires a pager-like control, attached via tubing to a quarter-size piece stuck onto me. Tubing. What the hell? That’s weird. These devices allow my body to remotely send information. That’s weird. Kinda cool, but weird. Thinking about beeping or how to sexily disconnect a pump during- hey, something shiny!! Yeah – weird. Excitement over the option to get different colored infusion sets, IN THE SAME SHIPMENT? A little weird.

But that’s what life threw at me. So that’s what I’ll deal with. The devices I wear and steps I take each day are weird. But I don’t get to think about that (you know, unless writing a post). I’ll use whatever I can to make diabetes more manageable. Fortunately, people exist who try to understand, partake in, or at least tolerate and support all the weirdness that diabetes brings. Should that kind of response be expected? Sure. But is that kind of response normal? Not always.



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