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Day 4: What’s In There? November 4, 2012

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Today’s National Health Blog Post Month topic is: Write about what’s in your bag/purse/backpack every day.

I’m going mountain biking instead of readdressing this topic, so check out September’s diabetes gear post!

September’s DSMA Blog Carnival topic asks – How do you carry your diabetes gear?

The lack of pockets in this particular purse does not impress me (it was ideal for a plane’s ‘personal item’). At any given time, all purses in my household are equipped with new and used pen needles that float around.

Three-quarters of what comes with me...just for diabetes.
The purse-of-the-day, everyday, contains:

  • Infusion set
  • Insulin pen
  • Pen needles
  • Glucose tabs
  • Used test strips

I carry my meter in the standard OneTouch® black case. It works well for me – I’m old school, what can I say?

This collection works for both weekday and weekend, although I don’t worry as much about backups for everything over the weekend as I’m closer to home.

Like my old-school OneTouch case, I have no fashionable carrying strategy for Dex or my pump. Both go in pockets, and like car keys, I don’t leave the house without them. At work, Dex sits on my chair with me. At home, it follows me around from room to room (and only occasionally gets left behind).

When I was younger, my parents and I outfitted a bright-pink Caboodles® (think girly tackle box. Horrendous really) to hold everything I’d use in a few days. My 20s-something equivalent has turned into: truck, pockets, purse, fridge, diabetes closet (favorite feature in my house), work bag, swim bag, gym bag, barn bag, bike bag…you get the idea.



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