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Day 6: Dear Lucky Duck November 7, 2012

Posted by laosita in diabetes.

Today’s Topic (well, yesterday’s bonus prompt): Advice for newly diagnosed patients

Dear Lucky Duck,

You are in good health, but have been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. This diagnosis changes your day-to-day life, but does not change your abilities or goals that you had yesterday.

You must take care of yourself. Diabetes is difficult, tedious, unrelenting. But you will learn more about your body and its reactions, more about foods and exercise than the average person might know. And you are now part of a phenomenal community that is here for you if you need support, advice or congratulations.

Though you did not choose to have your life changed, it did. Deal with it. Each day, deal with it. Some days will go great, other days will not go great. That is okay. You do not get a vacation from diabetes, and if you take a vacation you literally risk your life. So stay on top of your health. Use the technologies you have access to, and work with your doctor or educator to find a way to manage your health. It won’t be easy, but you can try different solutions to find something that suits who you are. If you are confused, worried, or have some different ideas, ask your doctor. Your doctor might be the medical expert, but you are the patient.

Enclosed is a list of blogs, Twitter names, websites, schedule of online diabetes-related events, and the book, Not Dead Yet. Don’t try to read everything at once, but do immediately start looking at a few resources. You are not the only person with diabetes. You are not the only person who is going to struggle or get tired of this at some point. And most importantly, you can do this.

Good Luck,

Ms. Fellow Diabetic



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