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Day 7: Staying Centered November 7, 2012

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Today’s WEGO NaBloPoMo Health Topic: Be mindful. Write about staying centered.

Staying centered. What is centered for you? For me, centered is a state of mind comprised of optimism combined with reality, calmness, clarity, and a strong self-image. I don’t feel that way all day. But I try to get there for part of each day. It took me a second to figure out that working out is how I do that.

Where ever I am, whatever I am doing, I can find a cardio machine, a place to walk, a place to bike, a place to swim. Half-hour or several hours, working out centers me. I think partly because working out has a predictable outcome when not much else does. I can go in feeling scattered, emotional, out-of-control; but always come out feeling better. More focused, more relaxed, more positive.

A workout is time for me to think about getting, then staying, centered. I can’t work, I can’t write, if I read I read something easy, I can’t talk on the phone, I can’t check Twitter. It is my time. My time to reflect on what’s going on in my life. Whether it be diabetes, internal struggles, people or work.

Come to think of it, this explains why I very rarely work out with other people and I hate getting interrupted during a workout…

After you figure out what your centered is, how do you get there?



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