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Day 11: Where’s Your Place? November 11, 2012

Posted by laosita in NonD.
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Today’s Topic: Write about your favorite thing that is not health-related, but likely improves your life.

Travel. Between airplanes and stress, travel probably degrades health, but travel to one place in particular, can improve it. A place where the minute I step off the plane into warm humidity, I can decrease my basal rate. A place where meals almost always contain the same ingredients, so I can figure out a successful bolus strategy. A place where there isn’t 80 million things I feel like I’m supposed to do, or places I’m supposed to be. A place where I know the owner of the bar in town. A place where people walk down the street and say hello.

I am relaxed here. I smile here. I am comfortable here. I can enjoy life here. Recognizing what stresses are in your daily life can be difficult, until you take them away. Even if you can’t, or choose not to, limit or change the stresses in your everyday life, give yourself the opportunity to leave them behind every once in awhile. Find a place that is different. Take advantage of it, and when you return, remember the difference.

Where’s your place?


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