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Day 15: WEGO Health Activist Award November 15, 2012

Posted by laosita in diabetes.
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Today’s Topic: Nominate someone for a Health Activist Award & write a post about why you nominated them!
Also, I used a Get of Post Free Card for Day 14!

I remember first reading one of Scott’s blog posts. I remember thinking, ‘Huh. Wow. I get that, but would not have had the balls to write it.’

I was struck by the rawness, bluntness, honesty of his words, particularly for the topics he discusses. I thank Scott for sharing his journey with us, taking us through his thoughts and feelings. Scott, your bravery, writing skill and humor is not unnoticed!

For these reasons, I nominated Scott Strange, over at Strangely Diabetic, for a health activist award tonight.


1. Scott Strange (@Strangely_T1) - November 16, 2012

Thank you so much, I really appreciate this!

laosita - December 9, 2012

Hey, it’s beyond well-deserved. Thanks for writing what you write, and the manner in which you do so.

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