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Day 16: The Other 11 Months November 16, 2012

Posted by laosita in diabetes.
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Today’s National Health Blog Topic: Use a picture or video to inspire a post.

Today’s topic was a no-brainer. Except the prompt goes the opposite direction.

A post prompted a tweet. Which turned into many tweets. Which turned into a video. Which turned into inspiration. Read about the video here or here. Watch it, then come back.

I wrote about this idea before, but it’s important, so I’m saying it again. One person makes a difference. A lot of ones make up a huge, global whole. Or an awesome video. If you are not sure where, or even if, you fit in – you do. Just wait for it. At some point there will be somebody with a question, a story, an emotion, a picture that you can relate to or help with.

November is diabetes awareness month. As most people reading this know, diabetes hangs around for more than one month. Well, fortunately so does the diabetes online community (DOC).  People in similar situations are just a keyboard away, any day, any time, of the 11 other months of the year.



1. Sara - November 30, 2012

Thank you so much for this!

Did you know that almost 8000 people have watched that video? We had no idea, we just wanted to make Wendy’s daughter feel better.

You are right, never doubt the power of one!

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