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Day 18: Your Care May Vary November 18, 2012

Posted by laosita in diabetes.
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Today’s Topic: Write about your advice for someone caring for a patient with your condition.

The wording of today’s topic made me think of a nursing home or someone in a situation who needs help with actions that many take for granted such as getting dressed or going for a walk.

Someone with diabetes and no other issues that make life tough doesn’t need caring for. They need support. While we do need to be cared about, we don’t need watching over in everything that we do.

  • If you have a question, ask. It doesn’t matter if it’s about my pump or why I’m eating cake. But do not assume, do not tell me about your overweight cousin with type 2 stereotype, do not tell me how to ‘fix’ my diabetes.
  • Be willing to help. If you’re not comfortable, try to get there. If you can’t, then say something. I’ll understand. Help with difficult to reach sensor spots, infusion sets, taping.
  • If you’re cooking or want to go out, give me a 20 minute heads up. Let me know ahead of time what we’ll be eating. I can eat anything you can, but it helps if I know what the plan is.
  • If I’m low, find me juice, regular soda, glucose tabs, gel. If I get it myself, let me get it myself. But if I ask you, please hustle.
  • When we go places, ask me if I have everything. But ask me in the same way you’d ask about packing my toothbrush.

How every person wants to be cared for, or supported, is different. Their personality, your relationship, time since diagnosis, all factor into the best way to care for that person. These points are suggestions, not all-encompassing guidelines. Just as your diabetes may vary – your care may vary.



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