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Day 28: Only Cool People Get Mean Comments November 28, 2012

Posted by laosita in NonD.

Today’s National Health Blog Post Month Topic: Write about how you deal with mean comments/trolls/snakeoil/or bullies.

I’m not cool enough to get mean comments :). In the blogosphere, and life in general, it seems that those who receive negative attention in an unintelligent form are also those who are most noticeable in their community. Which is often a great spot to be in.

I receive plenty of spam comments, which receive a double-check glance and are deleted. I don’t think much of that. I believe my actions would be the same for a mean or ‘snake-oil’ comment.

However, well-thought and respectful negative comments will not be ignored. Criticism can be useful. If someone took the time to politely express their opinion, I can take the time to think about it and respond appropriately. In addition, I would not hide a comment such as this from my public comment section. Approving only ‘nice’ comments is false promotion.

People within the diabetes online community treat snake-oil comments (i.e., Cinnamon cures diabetes. It doesn’t. Don’t ever tell that to anyone. Ever.) differently. If the comment appears to come from a non-promotional website or blog, I might make an effort to present facts to dispute their error. If not, I’ll avoid wasting time and simply hit delete.

What is your process for dealing with these types of comments?



1. TC - February 7, 2013

I just found your blog… it really stinks! Only teasing since you apparently don’t get any other mean comments. So far, I have really enjoyed your writing. I’m a parent of a 10 y.o. w/ T1D and it is helpful to hear about your experiences from the other side of the coin. Thanks!

laosita - February 8, 2013

Haha- thanks! That’s so cool of you to try to figure out what might be going through your kiddo’s head when dealing with diabetes. Thanks for reading!

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