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Day 29: Is It Me or Diabetes? November 29, 2012

Posted by laosita in diabetes.
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Today’s Topic: Write about unexpected blessings of your health condition? Or how being a patient/caregiver had changed you. ***This post is originally from awhile back, but still applies. (I promise I’ll actually write something for the last #NHBPM day). *** 

I have always been slightly more organized, responsible and mature than most of my friends near my age- and those older. In the moments I become unorganized, irresponsible and immature the diabetes goes out of control; leaving me with the physical and mental gross out-of-control-diabetes feeling.

Situations in the past year have frequently made me wonder- did my diabetes make me this way? Here are a few examples:

*Weekend night out. Who’s the designated sober person? I wonder with no regard to who is driving (also crucial information), but with regard to whom can I count on for blood sugar checks throughout the night? I frequently become the designated sober person, which leaves me slightly less than enthused about frequent nights out. If not for my diabetes, would I be more “fun”?

*Lunch with Coworkers. What time are we going? The food-coverage effort starts the minute I get up and lasts all day. So when a loosely planned lunch outing is postponed by 20 minutes, I become rather impatient and inflexible. Would I be more flexible and easy-going if not for years of diabetes control?

*Sudden Day/Weekend Trip. Huh, we’re leaving right now for the beach? You’re familiar with the questions that follow: For how long? Is there a fridge? How long is the trip? Is there a grocery store? How hot will it be? An unplanned, spontaneous fun trip gets significantly more planned with a diabetic on board. Would I have been more spontaneous if not for the diabetes?

Well, it is for the diabetes. And frankly, I’m grateful for the person it has helped me become. What are your ‘is it me or diabetes’ traits?



1. seejendance - November 29, 2012

Heh – I am the same way. I’m able foresee all things that could go wrong and how to prep for them. (Which is why I’m much better at Type-A jobs…)

2. Sara - November 30, 2012

I think my *slightly* over-organized nature has helped me manage my diabetes better than some others without that nature. It certainly did not make me less organized! 😉

3. Katy - December 1, 2012

I hope my son grows up to be the right amount of rigid/fun. I think you’re nailing it!

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