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That’s Not Going To Work December 12, 2012

Posted by laosita in diabetes.
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I have to credit @GingerVieira for this post topic. We sat at the Friends for Life (FFL) hotel bar, ordering sweet potato fries with dip (Awesome appetizer. Or meal. Or snack.), I bolused and said something like, ‘That’s not going to work. But whatever.’ She laughed, we talked about it (‘cause that’s what you do at FFL, you hang out with people who get it), and she said, ‘You should write a blog about that!’

I bolused with a pretty confident guess that it was not going to work. The insulin amount and timing was not going to work because I didn’t know what I would be doing, where I’d be going, or how those delicious fries might interact with my cells. Or because on some minuscule level in my body something is off, just a little bit, and I don’t even know. But I bolus some amount anyways, because I have to.

Because some bolus is better than no bolus. (Your Diabetes May Vary).

Because I’ll definitely require some insulin, but also because I might learn something about how sweet potato fries work. No matter how long I’ve been at this game (or you know, my life), I must keep learning, even though it might not work the first time. Or the first few times. Or ever. But sweet potato fries are almost always worth it.

What have you tried, knowing that it probably won’t work out, but tried it anyway?



1. seejendance - December 12, 2012

Heh – a dual wave on Chicago style pizza. Just. no.

2. Scott K. Johnson - December 12, 2012

Totally with you on this one. And yes, sweet potato fries ARE almost always worth it! 🙂

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