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Nice Lines January 8, 2013

Posted by laosita in diabetes.
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On a past frustrating mountain bike ride I rode through a technical section on which I questioned my line (aka, path). From behind I hear, ‘Biker Back’ (aka, move over). As I pull over, he passes and states, ‘Those were nice lines you picked.’

I have no idea how long this dude was behind me. Based on what I saw as he rode off, he knew his stuff. I was exalted. I real mountain biker just told me I picked nice lines through at least one technical section.

That made my ride, my day and my week. I relax and smile when I think of this ride.

The mountain biking community, as a whole, rocks. Riders yield correctly and often add ‘Good ride’ whether passing or being passed. Riders offer help for flat tires and broken derailers, and ask if you are okay after a crash. I’m still new to this group – my technical skill is average and my cardio does not compare to other riders. But I love it and I aim to improve with each ride.

So the diabetes connection? There doesn’t have to be one. But I have plenty. Besides the obvious of course – I can pick nice lines AND have diabetes, because you know, You Can Do This. The mountain biking community reminded me a bit of the diabetes online community (DOC). As a whole, the DOC is a pretty cool bunch. No doubt clear leaders are evident, but everyone involved has helped or been helped. When you need a pick-up, encouragement, a congratulations – somebody will be there. You might never have spoken to this person, or maybe only lurk on Twitter or the blogosphere, but at the right time, the first post you make, the first tweet, the first comment- that makes somebody’s day. Even though in theory, they are a stranger.

But we all know better than that.



1. Scott K. Johnson - January 8, 2013

I love this. Isn’t it amazing how a small bit of positive encouragement can buoy spirits so much?

laosita - January 9, 2013

And often at unexpected times, delivered by unexpected people. I was surprised at my significant internal response/feeling to his statement.

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