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Share and Don’t Share: #DBlog Week, Day 1 May 13, 2013

Posted by laosita in diabetes.
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Dblog Prompt: Often our health care team only sees us for about 15 minutes several times a year, and they might not have a sense of what our lives are really like. Today, let’s pretend our medical team is reading our blogs. What do you wish they could see about your and/or your loved one’s daily life with diabetes? On the other hand, what do you hope they don’t see? *Writer Note: Big surprise – I got side tracked with this prompt…

Pretending my medical team read my blog left me with a not pretend, audible, uh-oh. This blog is about sharing my achievements, fears, frustrations and struggles pertaining to diabetes. I hope that my readers can relate or learn from what I share. Knowing that I have readers, and that some of you relate to almost every post is a huge part of why I write. The idea that my medical team might be part of that feels awkward. However, a medical team that also provides emotional and mental support or professional attention is a relatively new idea for me. My endo is the core of my medical team; he is also the one I see most often. My endo is about numbers. He needs to help me find patterns, relationships and new solutions. That has worked for me in the past, and it’s working now. He knows what activities I like, and he’s learned not to comment on the dangers of new tattoos.

But he doesn’t know what you all know. He does not know about the low that shook me to my core. He does not know about the perfect flat line mountain biking day.

And he doesn’t need to. I don’t want to discuss all that with him.

However, adding other medical members to the team who are trained to listen, talk, educate and help is something that makes sense to me. I do think a counselor or psychologist should be continuously suggested or offered as part of an endo appointment. Asking for some help is hard. Thinking about help because your medical team sent a referral, or because you are expected to include that person as part of your diabetes care – that might be easier.


1. Scott E - May 13, 2013

I know what you mean about wanting to keep the contents of your blog private (as contradictory as that sounds). None of my real-life friends (except for those I met through the DOC) or even my family know that I HAVE a blog. It’s something that I’d like to confess — someday — but it’s hard. The blog is for people who “get it”, not for those who just acknowledge and sympathize.

laosita - May 14, 2013

Exactly how I feel! My family is in the dark also (as of now), and only a few real-life friends know that I blog. I understand that anything online equates to public access; however actively making it public is a different thing. Thanks for the comment, Scott.

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