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The Look June 26, 2013

Posted by laosita in diabetes.
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The Look.
The momentary blank glance while I quickly push buttons on my insulin pump or I shift my gaze to my DexCom. It’s the same look. I got it from my grade-school nephew while I glanced at Dex and bolused before I ate dinner. The same look appeared on an acquaintance’s face when I bolused at lunch. But that look, the look of momentary ‘hmm’, of a question, a query, a ponder. It lasts just a split-second before we all move on. I’m done with whatever I was doing before they formulate a verbal thought.

Very rarely in these cases do I say a single thing. I am doing what I must do before I eat, during exercise or whenever. It’s likely that this is the first time you noticed me doing anything different; even though we’ve hung out before.

I prefer that people get to know me first, and to realize that I do all the ridiculous things I do just because that’s who I am. Diabetes might have contributed, but it is not the main point. Stopping to make a big fuss about an insulin injection, pump bolus or blood test makes diabetes more important than whatever I was really doing. And I don’t want that. Yes, I must take extra steps to do the same activity you do. But I take those steps quickly and move on. I think that sets an example for the proper reaction. And in most cases, that split-second look is just that. A nonjudgmental, indecisive, split-second.

But not making a big deal of something does not mean that it is not important. If I don’t take those extra steps, I die. If I miscalculate those steps, I must deal with consequences. And those ideas deserve attention.

Is The Look a missed education opportunity? Or, is not saying anything about The Look an education in itself?

How do you PWD handle The Look? Does it depend on the situation or the person?



1. xxlovelylizxx - June 26, 2013

I tend to answer their look. “Oh I am taking my insulin, I’m diabetic.” That is if they don’t already know that about me. That can lead to them asking questions which I am fine with answering. Or if they have always known about my diabetes I answer the look with a little more humor, “Remember I need to do this to live..lol” Which then snaps them out of their trance. For me, I am on MDI, the looks are even funnier when out in public. I’d rather be asked a question than glared at like a weirdo. So I try to answer the looks of curiosity in hopes that I am educating someone.

laosita - July 1, 2013

I like the idea of ‘curiosity’. Maybe if I thought about it that way, I’d be more open to educate more often. I’m not smooth enough with the pump yet to make it more discreet than an insulin pen 🙂 Thanks!

2. Scott K. Johnson - June 29, 2013

Good question. Often depends on who it is and what sort of mood I’m in. Sometimes I just want to eat my damn lunch. 🙂

3. StephenS - July 22, 2013

I get the look all the time. You’re right… if I don’t make a big deal out of it, it’s not a big deal to anyone else. Thanks!

4. Jess - July 22, 2013

Totally depends. Sometimes I feel like explaining, and sometimes I don’t.

And other times, like you said, diabetes isn’t something I want to be the focus. There’s more to me than that.

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