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Walk It Off July 11, 2013

Posted by laosita in diabetes.
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I lost another clipped-to-me, number reading, 24/7 device yesterday.
Not my pump – that’s attached (thankfully).
Not my Dex – this would be a panic-post if that were the case.
A pedometer. A stupid pedometer. I don’t even like pedometers. I don’t care what number shows up on its little screen. But for four months, my employer does.

My employer participates in a program designed to motivate employees to be more active in hopes of increased physical and mental health, and increased productivity. Overall, it’s a cool program. And when I haven’t lost my pedometer, I only get slightly annoyed about tracking yet another number.

But when I reach down to my waistband and realize my pedometer’s missing, I lose it. I already keep track of at least three medical devices each day. My ability to focus, work, drive, exercise depends on those devices. I should be able to keep track of one more. I should be accustomed to a painstaking awareness of where all my devices are at all times.

Losing one, just the most unimportant one, is a reminder of all the other things I carry every day. Shouldn’t I get some sort of extra credit for having to carry and track all sorts of other things during the day, every day? My coworkers get to forget their awareness of what is attached to them after four months. But after this step-count event is over, I still have stuff attached. Stuff with numbers that I need to track everyday. Stuff that can’t be left behind. Stuff that is more important than a pedometer will ever be.

When my attached things stay attached, I feel accomplished in being successful with all the small challenges that become second nature (you know, door knobs, seat belts, pulling down my pants to pee without ripping off a site). But when things go wrong, frustration and bitterness are easily and quickly misplaced. There is no reason a missing pedometer should send me into feeling guilty, irresponsible and defeated. Time to walk it off…



1. Scott K. Johnson - July 21, 2013

You know, that would rightly piss me off, too.

2. StephenS - July 22, 2013

What might be especially nice is if you didn’t have to carry the pedometer at all because of all of the other things you have to keep track of. Kind of like you’ve already met your quota, you know?

laosita - July 23, 2013

Exactly! That’s the phrase that sums up how I feel – like I’ve met my quota. Thanks Stephen!

3. Kim - July 22, 2013

Any chance you can convince them that your CGM *is* a pedometer? “See, look at all of the hills I walked today.”

Pretty sure that would work.

laosita - July 23, 2013

Ha, I’ll give it a try. A benefit of not keeping a straight line perhaps? Thanks Kim!

4. Kelley - August 9, 2013

Yikes, I couldn’t imagine having an extra device attached to me, esp one that didn’t save my life, just made my employer happy…you should totally convince them your CGM is a pedometer!

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