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Why Would You Want That On Your Foot? August 20, 2013

Posted by laosita in diabetes.

My right foot sports an insulin protein representation tattoo. To an unknowing observer, it looks a little like DNA. When explained, it says Type 1 diabetes.

My diabetes is not often topic of conversation with my coworkers, let alone work co-acquaintances. I see Mr. Espresso Man weekly in the kitchen; we partake in small talk for a minute before heading separate ways. But one day while waiting for his steam thing to do whatever, he asked about the tattoo.

“What’s that on your foot?,” he asked.

“Oh – it’s a representation of an insulin protein,” I answered (if you follow this with a patient “Duh.” you’ll get the right tone).

“Oh. Why would you want that on your foot?” he logically asked.

I had to laugh. Why wouldn’t I? The whole thing seems so logical to me, I forget that people don’t see the connection between my foot and who I am. I realize I probably do the tattoo explanation in reverse and that I should start with the fact that I’m diabetic. Diabetes and insulin are just part of my life – putting it on my foot makes perfect sense to me. It slips my mind that that idea would make no sense to anyone else.

I went on to explain why exactly I wanted a tattoo of an insulin protein on my foot. Like most people, he didn’t say much else, but at least agreeably understood why I would put an insulin protein on my foot.



1. RogueGirl - August 20, 2013

Oh, I was so hoping you had posted a photo of your tattoo. And, for what it’s worth, I think that was an awesome idea for what and where you got as a tattoo!

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