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Diabetes Santa God! Or…I’m Addicted To My CGM. (Part 1) December 3, 2013

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Part One…
I had a sneaking suspicion that my warranty was about up on my CGM system. I had to switch to a 3rd party supplier, who I haven’t quite figured out as opposed to DexCom direct. I called 3rd party company, and wouldn’t you know – my transmitter expired in spring.

No, Ms. 3rd party company, I have no Low Battery screen alerts from Dex. What, my receiver’s warranty is up in two weeks? Great – can I just wait and reorder both things at once? Cool, I’ll do that. Talk to you then.

And then…

LOW BATTERY (go see Brian or Scott for a more colorful display)

Of course. Two days after I called about this very possibility. I immediately ordered the transmitter, which required a new prescription. I wasn’t too worried at this point – most Dex warnings about failure/low things tend to stretch out. An upcoming Thanksgiving trip weighed on the back of my mind, but I figured I could react appropriately after I received confirmation emails about the order.

  • About one week pre Thanksgiving trip: No transmitter, no confirmation emails. But I still wasn’t worried (for future reference, get worried here)(or be smarter and call the company).
  • Three days pre Thanksgiving trip: Transmitter starts consistently losing communication with the receiver, even when less than one foot a part. Still no confirmation emails.
  • Day and a half pre Thanksgiving trip: This transmitter isn’t going to make it. Now I am a little nervous, but I’ve had diabetes for about 20 years without a CGM – I should be able to handle one holiday with travel using my trusty meter and strips.
  • About two hours later: THANKSGIVING! Holy Carb Motherload! Airplanes! So much alcohol! No CGM! Panic ensued. And no confirmation emails.

Now in my panic-mode, I search through my diabetes closet. No random transmitters, but I had one Seven+ sensor, multiple combinations of Seven+ transmitters and receivers…and no Seven+ chargers. I tried to plug things into other things that should probably never plug into one another. No luck. Double-arrow stress increase. In one last-ditch effort, I emailed the only local CGM user I knew.

Stay tuned…



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