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Diabetes Santa God! Or…I’m Addicted To My CGM. (Part 2) December 4, 2013

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Part Two…Continued from, Part One, when I’d just contacted a local D-member!

  • At work, less than 24 hours preflight: No success with a charger, but local D-member had an older Medtronic CGM she was willing to lend me.

I’ve never used Medtronic anything. I’ve heard mixed comments about the system, including its less than reliable sensors and its harpoon insertion situation. And I’d be carrying an extra pump as the receiver. Was it worth it? I tried to think logically. But as the nerves and what-if scenarios ballooned in my imagination, yes, it would be worth it. Learning a new system in half-hour, less than 12 hours before my flight added to my nerves, but I felt comforted and protected knowing I would have a CGM system during the diabetes disaster that is Thanksgiving. HUGE SHOUT OUT to the local D-member.

And then I pulled into my driveway.

I walked towards my front door. And held my breath.

There.was.a.box. I’d ordered other items this past week, but this box, this possible gateway to complete relief, was perfect Dex transmitter size.

I slowly walked towards this box, my eyes fixated on the return address label, knowing exactly what it needed to read.
Byram Healthcare.
Could it be? Is that even possible?

I carefully lifted the box, fumbled to unlock the front door, and walked inside. Everything else fell to the floor but this box.
Scissors! Where the fuck are my scissors? Ah ha! I carefully cut open the box. I lifted the sides of the box and peered inside.
Nothing but a transmitter could fit in with this packaging. I pulled out the brown packing paper.

There it was.

I felt like the M&M® in the M&M and Santa commercial, “They do exist!”
Some Santa, diabetes god, leprechaun, unicorn was on my side. And I realized how much trust and dependence I have with these devices, the ones that offer me protection, safety and let me live my life how I want. And for that I am thankful – I know others do not have that luxury for which to make complaints.



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