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I Feel Weird August 20, 2014

Posted by laosita in diabetes.
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Bad news: Sometimes, after 25ish years, someone still has to tell you to go get something to eat.

I swim in the morning. This particular morning I swam well and was enjoying the set Coach had concocted. I started the morning a bit higher than preferred, dosed 1 unit of insulin, ate a handful of granola and headed to practice. Yet with about 15 minutes remaining in the set, I hung on the wall at a set break.

“Ready?” asked my no-nonsense lane mate of several years (and medical professional). (She once pointed out while I hesitated getting in that the worst that could happen is I could drown, and I wouldn’t because we have several doctors on the team…um thanks.)

“I feel weird,” I said. And I did. I felt weird. Not low or tired. I just felt off. Off-kilter and not comfortable. Just weird. My head said ‘Get out and eat. You’re low.’ Except that message can take some serious detours in these cases.

“Do you want to keep going?” she asked.

“No.” I knew that finishing the set was a bad idea.

“Uh. Ok. Do you need to get something to eat?” she continued. One simple question at a time.

“Um. I dunno. I feel weird.”

“Get out and check your sugar,” demanded the voice of logic.

“Ok. I have stuff in my bag. Yeah, you’re right,” I conceded.

42. Forty-two isn’t a particularly safe number. Forty-two in the water is less safe. Forty-two in the water, while exercising, is dumb.

My hero-of-the-day lane mate later asked if I was indeed low. She knew enough to recognize that 42 is too low. I applauded her insistence to kick me out of the pool, and she chalked it up to seeing low-blood sugar patients say they feel weird.

I knew the feeling. I know what weird means to me. I recognize the danger of a low, especially in this circumstance. I know these things because I have had 25 years to figure it out. Yet, someone else had to see those same things and directly tell me to do something about it. Why?



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