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Diabetic vs. PWD

Diabetic. Person with diabetes. PWD. Type I Diabetic.

I use a variety of terms throughout this blog, but most commonly I use ‘diabetic’ to indicate someone having diabetes.

I respect, and can understand, if you prefer ‘person with diabetes’. That is your preference. This is my blog. While you are my audience (yay!) and your opinions and feelings are important to me, my writing style trends to diabetic. Plus, diabetic is shorter and for some reason, PWD reminds me of prisoner-of-war.

Diabetic describes me like any other adjective. I am blonde. I have blue eyes. Depending on where I’m living, I might be la gringa. I am diabetic. I don’t get to not think about my health. Ever. Diabetes is a huge part of who I am, and has contributed to the person I’ve become. I’ll call it what I like. If I know you are a ‘PWD’ person and I’m describing you, I’ll do my best to use PWD.

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