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Banana Bread: The Five-Hour Breakfast May 28, 2013

Posted by laosita in diabetes.
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Oh Bananas. Yellow bananas, green bananas, brown bananas. Not until I had Dex did I realize the trouble you cause. The only safe time to eat you is during a down trending low. Double up arrows be damned, I could not give up the banana bread at my office café. Some mornings I NEED that banana bread. So, as any real-life diabetic might do (a good diabetic would give up the banana bread…that’s why ‘good’ diabetic is a horrible word choice), I took notes in hopes of finding an equation that leaves me eating banana bread with minimal spiking. The following course of events is the best banana-bread success I’ve had yet.

7 am: blood glucose (bg) 141 flat arrow trend, +200% basal rate set for 3 ½ hours

Banana Bread from the work cafe. aka, Trouble.

7:40 am: 4 unit SWAG bolus
8:15 am: bg 95, flat arrow
8:22 am: First banana-bread bite
8:25 am: First quarter of the slice, gone
8:30 am: 2.5 unit SWAG bolus
8:37 am: bg 80 flat arrow, another delicious banana-bread bite.
8:44 am: Sad moment – banana bread finished
9 am: 98, diagonal up arrow
9:06 am: bg 111 diagonal up arrow, 2 unit SWAG bolus
9:18 am bg: 145, one straight up arrow, multiple cuss words
9:44 am: bg 234 (via meter), 2 unit SWAG bolus
10:10 am: bg 195, flat arrow, sigh of relief
10:21 am: bg 173 diagonal arrow down. Could this be success?
11:15 am: bg 99, flat arrow
11:59 am: bg 49, diagonal arrow down. Whoops.

The equation (well steps – I got as far as making variables and then gave up):
1. Increase basal rate 2 ½ hours before eating said banana bread.
2. Prebolus 40 minutes before eating said banana bread.
3. Over the next 1 ½ hours, give 6.5 units. (What the hell is in this bread??)
4. Figure out what went wrong and fix it next time.

I think I’m going to need to space out the actual eating of the banana bread. That should allow the prebolus to be a bit more active, which should decrease the upward trend, which should result in smaller SWAG boluses later, which should eliminate the midday low. Unless it’s Wednesday. Or cloudy. Or windy. That’ll throw off the whole process for sure.

(To those of you with working pancreases – sometimes we’ll figure out the perfect solution to a meal, activity, whatever. Then some tiny unrelated thing will change and the perfect solution is perfect no more.)