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Why Would You Want That On Your Foot? August 20, 2013

Posted by laosita in diabetes.
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My right foot sports an insulin protein representation tattoo. To an unknowing observer, it looks a little like DNA. When explained, it says Type 1 diabetes.

My diabetes is not often topic of conversation with my coworkers, let alone work co-acquaintances. I see Mr. Espresso Man weekly in the kitchen; we partake in small talk for a minute before heading separate ways. But one day while waiting for his steam thing to do whatever, he asked about the tattoo.

“What’s that on your foot?,” he asked.

“Oh – it’s a representation of an insulin protein,” I answered (if you follow this with a patient “Duh.” you’ll get the right tone).

“Oh. Why would you want that on your foot?” he logically asked.

I had to laugh. Why wouldn’t I? The whole thing seems so logical to me, I forget that people don’t see the connection between my foot and who I am. I realize I probably do the tattoo explanation in reverse and that I should start with the fact that I’m diabetic. Diabetes and insulin are just part of my life – putting it on my foot makes perfect sense to me. It slips my mind that that idea would make no sense to anyone else.

I went on to explain why exactly I wanted a tattoo of an insulin protein on my foot. Like most people, he didn’t say much else, but at least agreeably understood why I would put an insulin protein on my foot.