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MDI and I Don’t Hustle and Bustle July 11, 2014

Posted by laosita in diabetes.
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City folk and country folk are two totally different characters. The love of noises (or lack thereof), daily expectations and even waking hours seem often to trend in opposite ways. While visiting Chicago awhile back, I wondered if diabetes management choices differ as well. More specifically – insulin pump use.

I used a pump for a couple years before deciding that multiple daily injections (MDI) is currently the better fit for me. Except while traveling. For airplane and flexibility-required journeys, I often switch to the pump. Except I forgot that. (How do I forget to switch insulin delivery systems? I don’t know. It’s kind of a big thing). But man did I miss the pump in the hustle and bustle of a big city.

I missed the option to change a basal rate when a walk through the city, a bus wait or a restaurant wait was longer than expected. Or shorter. Or more strenuous. Or completely changed because an alternate public transportation option became available or the original choice restaurant was more crowded than the one twenty minutes away. Or group plans change because somebody else was dealing with city stuff (aka, the above stuff).

I feel like country (or even suburban) dwellers do not face these diabetes speed bumps on a frequent or as extreme basis. Restaurants do not seem as crowded so I can usually more safely do insulin before I eat. Public transportation? Uh… we’re working on that. The day is just a bit more predictable, and if plans do change last minute it is probably to something I’ve dealt with before (first choice restaurant is full…no problem, I probably have eaten at one of the other 10 options).

City life for me was just a bit more unpredictable in ways that were difficult for me to handle with MDI. Even removing variables like being on vacation and never having been to Chicago before, I think a pump still would have been easier to work with. City dwellers – are you on a pump or is MDI working for you?