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Wordless Wednesday: Of All The Times to Match June 5, 2013

Posted by laosita in diabetes.
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Dex 48, Ping 49. Um...being alive for the win?

Normally, I love when Dex and Ping match up. I was hoping for an upset here though…


I Love You, But We Need a Break April 22, 2013

Posted by laosita in diabetes.
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Last month I took a break from my DexCom continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) system, so pretend you are reading this then.

I love my DexCom CGM. I’m thankful to be in a position to own one. For me, CGM is the best new technology advancement to be approved since I was diagnosed (1987).

But we needed a break. I tried to sit down and have an adult conversation about the beeping and vibrating and double up arrows and double down arrows. I tried to explain that I need a good night’s sleep without extra noise. I tried to explain how the double up arrows really stress me out, and how insulin can take 15 minutes to work, and that your delay time means that I was probably already leveling out when you beeped at me again. Instead, I rage bolused, leading to more lows, leading to rollercoaster days. So I need a break.

You said – hey babe, just eat better. We’re all good.

You, my Dex, always over-simplify. I know this break is my fault, but you have not been supportive.

My OneTouch Ping meter is much more agreeable after getting over the, you-only-use-me-when-you’re-mad-at-him, feeling.

This is my first Dex break where I feel comfortable without it and have no urge to insert a new sensor. My insulin bolus amounts are more accurate, and my numbers are fairly stable. (Note: I compared stats and my 10-day meter average was only 5 points different than my 10-day Dex average. This information surprised me as I felt I ran higher without Dex.)

I definitely miss my trend arrows and night-time security. However, after I adjusted to setting an alarm for once or twice at night to wake up and test, night is okay. Those nighttime tests are invaluable. Plus, waking up to a midnight alarm and realizing I have still have four hours left to sleep is awesome!

I will get all sensored up here in the next few days. The technology is too phenomenal to waste, but in the mean time I’ll enjoy the nonbeeping, nonvibrating Ping meter.

How often do you and your devices go on a break? Does it help or hinder your diabetes management?