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Day 10: The Y November 10, 2012

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Today’s Topic: LOL Post. Write about something funny or share something you found funny.

This story has nothing to do with this diabetes- or health-themed month, but it makes me smile and chuckle. The story came to mind last night…

Running isn’t my workout of choice. I did track in second grade and quit because I didn’t like to run. But, while living somewhere without easy gym access, running is a quick and useful workout. And by running I mean jogging.

Running partners in the town I was living were hard to find; solo runs were the norm for both my friend and I. Wait, two people doing solo runs, you ask? Why don’t you run together?

Well, that’s simple. This person excels at every single thing he does, aside from one sport, he has me beat. By a lot. That doesn’t bother me, but it’s intimidating as hell. But, I was trying to be open-minded, try new things and crap like that, so we met one morning to head out for a run. We agreed that while we were running together, we likely wouldn’t actually be running together.

I did fine for…the first block and half. But no problem, the road was fairly straight, I kept him in my sights, chugging along at my own pace. Until the Y.

I’d never done this trail before, nor been in this part of town. Nor was English the language of choice. The Y was at the top of a hill, which I slowly but steadily climbed. My friend was nowhere in sight. By this point I was bright red, hair all a-frizz, sweaty, and totally out of air. As I approach the Y, I look around. Houses line the dirt road. A guy and his chickens were already outside…so I asked, in breathless Spanish, “Did you see another runner? Which way did he go?”

The guy pointed to the right, and as I turned to take off again, he asked, “Quiere un vaso de agua?” Do you want a glass of water?

“No gracias, estoy bien,” as I smiled and picked up my pace.

We didn’t do many runs together after that.