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Meeee!!! (Rhymes with Wheeee!!!) August 15, 2012

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Last night I swung by my local Walgreens to pick up some environmentally-sound bug killing supplies. I saw the JDRF $1 donation papers on the counter as I checked out.

Nice Walgreens lady: Okay, that’s $5.40.
Me: Okay. Oh wait, can I get this [JDRF donation paper]? (is she even allowed to say no?)
Nice Walgreens lady: Of course! Let’s see…okay $6.40.
Me: Great, thanks.
Nice Walgreens lady: Do you know somebody with…
Me: Meee!!! (Think shortened-version of the Geico pig that Whees all the way home).
Nice Walgreens lady: Well, even more reason to donate then.
Me: Yep. Have a good night.

I admit that simple things excite me. People who know me well would be the first to say it. But what a weird response to admittance of a chronic disease that demands your attention every second of every day for the rest of your freakin life. (Granted, I’ve thanked a police officer after he wrote my speeding ticket, but that’s beside the point).

I pondered my response, because what my brain thought clashed with the response my ears heard. I am not excited, thrilled or amused about having Type 1 diabetes. I think the response came out the way it did because I am proud, and when asked- happy to share. The nice Walgreens lady probably has little idea what I do every day to keep myself functioning, or of the people I’ve met through diabetes. She probably doesn’t know, she probably doesn’t get it, and she probably got more than she bargained for when she asked. My response reminded me to take a second and be proud of myself, to recognize that I work hard, and that although the payoff is invisible to outsiders, that result is part of the end goal.